Panicum Fountain

Welcome to the world of Panicum Fountain, a botanical masterpiece celebrated for its exquisite charm and graceful allure.

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The true story

  • Being pesticide-free, it aligns with sustainable and environmentally conscious practices in the floral world.
  • Its widespread use in the floral industry attests to its universal appeal, making it a go-to choice for professionals
  • One of Panicum Fontaine’s standout features is its versatility.
  • Panicum Fontaine is celebrated for its refined and elegant appearance.

Panicum Fountain for timeless beauty

Panicum Fountain, a graceful variety within the Poaceae family, is renowned for its refined appearance and airy plumes that fan out like a fountain. Originating from South Africa, Italy, and the Netherlands, it has made its way into florists’ hands worldwide. Indigenous to diverse habitats, Panicum Fountain thrives in both temperate and tropical regions, enhancing its versatility and popularity.

A stylish addition

Panicum Fountain, adorned with lush plumes reaching upward like a fountain, provides the perfect solution for enhancing arrangements. Furthermore, this graceful grass, akin to its relatives, also stands alone elegantly on a vase.

A sustainable choice

Sustainability and natural beauty harmonize in Panicum Fountain. By incorporating this elegant grass into bouquets, you contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious floral choice. The use of pesticides is non-existent.