Setaria Italica Lowlander

This enchanting variety captivates with its magnificent bronze-colored plumes, creating an atmosphere of warmth and natural allure.

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The true story

  • As fall descends, Setaria Italica Lowlander becomes a haven for bird enthusiasts, as its plumes become laden with seeds, creating a natural buffet for our feathered friends.
  • Embrace sustainability with this ornamental grass that can be dried, offering a dual-purpose feature.
  • This grass becomes a canvas for your artistic expressions, enhancing both seasonal and timeless floral designs.

A warm glow of natural beauty

In the realm of ornamental grasses, Setaria Italica Lowlander stands out as a captivating variety, adorned with beautiful bronze-colored plumes that exude a warm glow. Its appeal goes beyond visual aesthetics, making it a favorite among bird enthusiasts. During the fall, these plumes become laden with seeds, offering a delectable treat for our feathered friends. Embracing the nickname “bird millet” in Dutch, this grass emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between garden enjoyment and the preservation of local fauna.

Sustainable Beauty

Setaria Italica Lowlander isn’t just a visual delight in autumnal bouquets; it’s also a sustainable choice. This ornamental grass can be dried, making it perfect for crafting exquisite dried arrangements. With its warm radiance and natural elegance, Setaria Italica Lowlander not only brings the beauty of fall indoors but also contributes to environmentally conscious floral designs, blending sustainability with aesthetic appeal.